Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top 10 Drinks for Summer

The warm weather has finally arrived and with it comes thoughts of the delicious beverages we will be sipping on while soaking up the sun. With all the plethora of choices out there we have narrowed it down to our Top 10 Summer Drinks. These are the most flavorful, easy drinking and perfect cooler stuffers around!


1. Greylock Gin & Tonic
This premade Gin & Tonic is packed in 200ml bottles for a perfect serving every time. Made with super premium Berkshire Gin and mixed with small batch craft Tonic water, this is one of the most delicious G&T's you will ever taste. The only thing you need is fresh lime slice and sunshine!

2. Spiked Seltzer (West Indies Lime, Indian River Grapefruit, Valencia Orange)
One of the coolest new creations that screams Summer. This is a artisanal sparkling seltzer water that is actually brewed to create a nice 6% alcohol level. These aren't your overly sweet Mike's Hard Lemonade, just fresh ingredient that are crisp, dry and very refreshing!

3. Honoro Vera, Dry Rose
Most wine drinkers see a pink wine and think white zinfandel sweet. This is definitely not the case with most rose wines from other countries. This dry rose from Spain has a white wine crisp, light body with the flavors of a red wine (think strawberries, raspberries and light spice). If you haven't tried a dry rose yet, then jump on the band wagon and pick this one up today.

4. Harpoon, Big Squeeze Grapefruit Shandy
A seasonal favorite around here that is now in cans! This is a combination beer and grapefruit juice that hits the spot on a warm day. Nice and light with a flavor similar to a wheat beer accented by a nice tart grapefruit flavor. Better snatch this one up soon before we drink it all ourselves!

5. Crabbies, Cloudy Lemonade
A new offering from Crabbies who specialize in making alcoholic ginger beer. This lemonade has a sweet and tart flavor with a nice kick on the finish from the 4.8% abv that this drink packs. Something a little different that would make a great Arnold Palmer when mixed with some iced tea!

6. Abita, Strawberry Lager
A Summer seasonal that comes straight from New Orleans (and we know they know how to drink!) and is brewed with fresh strawberries to make this lager really come alive. This very easy drinking beer has light flavors of caramel, spice and of course strawberry with a silky soft finish. This beer is great for everybody because it's not sweet but it's not bitter and dry either. 

7. Aveleda, Vinho Verde
An amazing wine for both the price and quality. Think of Vinho Verde as Portugals version of Pinot Grigio but lighter and more refreshing. It also has a slightly lower alcohol level (10%) which makes it a great choice for those afternoon parties that you don't want to pass out before your guests leave.

8. Owl Brew, Coco-lada (Tea Crafted for Cocktails)
This is the only drink that made the list that requires a little prep work. A really unique company out of Brooklyn, NY that makes this Coco-lada drink mix that is a blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices & pineapple that is amazing when mixed with a little (or a lot of) rum or prosecco.

9. Ca Furlan, Prosecco
Prosecco is the undesputed champion of versatile drinks! It is perfect served chilled all by itself but it also plays well with others such as peach nectar (bellini), orange juice (mimosa) or for a real treat on a hot day, pop a few pieces of frozen fruit in to flavor it and keep it cool at the same time. Cheers!

10. Jack's Hard Cider
This is made at a local winery in Pennsylvania using only the freshest apples that are grown on the estate. These ciders are slow fermented to create a richly flavored cider that has a smooth finish with out the typical lingering syrupy flavor that other big cider producers have. Plus the cans make it a very easy to transport Summer treat. 

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