Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Terrapin Hopzilla Double IPA

Here's a Double IPA from Terrapin that is doing a stint on the "Monster Beer Tour" circuit.  This is a new addition to their lineup. This previously was Side Project #12 by Terrapin and was so popular it made a comeback to this seasonal spot in the lineup. We just got our hands the new batch and were very excited to crack a few open and see how they compare to the other DIPAs (double ipa) out there.
First off, I would love to say that my beer purchases are not affected by packaging, but alas I can not do that. Terrapin has some of the best beer labels on the market today and I always find my self gravitating towards their beers because of that. This label is no exception with a huge Godzilla-esque Terrapin crushing buildings on the front of the beer. An apt picture for such a "monster" of a beer!
This DIPA pours an haze free amber color with a nice small head of foam. The aroma is blowing up with huge amounts of Centennial, Chinook and Bravo hops (a nice West Coast style blend). So far this beer holds up to its name. The first sip is supremely satisfying with a rich balance of hoppy and malty flavor that finishes with a good lingering hop bitterness. Definitely not a session beer due to its high alcohol content and rich Marris Otter malt backbone but it is very smooth. This one is dry hopped with Citra and it adds a nice dimension of citrus bitters on the finish.  Overall, a great double IPA that I will be buying on the regular despite its $13.49 price point.  

Personal Rating: 9.5 /10
Style Rating: 9.5 /10

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Abita Spring IPA

Most of us have seen the ads like the one to the left and had been salivating at the idea of a new seasonal from Abita Brewing. Well it is finally here and it is good! This is a West Coast style IPA that clocks in at 6.25%. This is a light crisp IPA that is a great session beer. Just high enough in alcohol to satisfy, but not enough to knock you out for the count on a hot summers day. 
According to the brewery: Abita Spring IPA is a West Coast-style IPA with an up-front intense hop flavor and aroma. Amarillo and Centennial hops give the brew a rich and resinous flavor of citrus and spice. This bright pale ale has a malt sweetness that will give way to a pleasant bitter. It pairs well with Mexican or spicy Szechwan Chinese food. It is also a nice accompaniment for cheeses with strong flavors, like sharp cheddar or goat cheese. 
Try this one now before it is all gone! I would definitely recommend this one to our hop head following!

Personal Rating: 9/10
Style Rating: 9/10

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