Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Labor Day Libations!

The Summer is still here no matter what the Pumpkin Beer brewers say! Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer with some great Labor Day Libations. Here are our top picks for delicious drinks to de-stress with.

A very refreshing adult beverage that is made from natural ingredients and fermented to 6% percent alcohol. These are not sweet, but taste like flavored seltzer water with a kick.

Berkshire Gin & Tonic $13.99/4 pack
These premade cocktails are made with high end liquors and small batch tonic water. A great cocktail that requires no effort to enjoy. Also available in Vodka & Tonic.

Cimarron Tequila $19.99/1 liter btl
This is the perfect tequila for everything from Margarita making to sipping straight on the rocks! A great tequila that won't break the bank.

BYOB approved! This half bottle of quality Merlot is the perfect serving size for your next BYOB restaurant night. Just enough for two glasses of wine. Cheers!

The perfect Summer white wine. A crisp, clean blend of grapes from the South of France. Great flavors of lemon, pear and apple with a refreshing finish. Our favorite everyday wine!

A favorite of ours for its crisp and very refreshing style. Made from local cider apples from Pennsylvania. This is not that sweet cider that you see at most bars. This is a truly flavorful dry cider that is perfect for white wine drinkers!

The perfect pizza/pasta wine or as I like to call it the "Wednesday Night Wine". When your too tired to cook or just need a nice wine to relax with, this is your go to. Not to big and bold but with enough flavor to satisfy your red wine craving. As Goldilocks says, it's just right!

One of the only affordable Russian River Chardonnays which highlights why RRV is considered the top spot for Chards. A perfectly balanced wine with nice restrained oak and a touch of cream which plays off the nice citrus/apple fruit flavors that abound. A great end of Summer and beginning of Fall wine!
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