Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hidden Gems, Best Overlooked Booze

We have one of the best jobs around, tasting new wine, beer and spirits each week! We often find extremely delicious products that we think everybody should check out but for one reason or another they fly completely under the radar of most consumers. So, I have complied a list of our favorite "Hidden Gems" throughout the store that you should take a look at. 

Your Fellow Spirit Slurper,
Chad (The Tie Guy)
White Horse Wine & Spirits  

RoundHouse Coffee Liqueur 
(Boulder, Colorado) $30.99A hand crafted fair trade/organic delight. If you like coffee it is a must try!!

Kilchoman Scotch
Islay, Scotland $54.99-$89.99
Built in 2005 its the first distillery to be built on the Island for 125 years. One of the only farm to table distillers in Scotland. Winning award after award!

Industry Standard Vodka 
Brooklyn, New York $36.99
Redefined and reset the bar for vodka. Keep it local with this small production release!

High West Barrel Aged Cocktails
Park City, Utah $44.99
Pre-made barrel aged cocktails made to perfection. No one else out there is doing it to this degree. Treat yourself!

Journeyman OCG Apple Liqueur 
Three Oaks, Michigan $19.99
Limited release and hottest seasonal spirit on the market this year. Think organic apple pie, serve warm or cold, but get it before its gone!

Koval Liqueurs (Ginger and Jasmine)
Chicago, Illinois $24.99
Small batch organic liqueurs that need you to get creative. Mixes well with gin, vodka, whiskey, or tequila.

Art in the Ages Spirits (Organic)
Philadelphia, Pa $29.99
Not your typical spirits company and they are located right here in Philly. Pick one up and create your our cocktail!

Caledonia Barr Hill Gin
Hardwick, Vermont $36.99This man is a Jersey boy at heart creating one of our house favorite gins. Secret ingredient is his own raw honey. Staff recommended!

Tequila Ocho
Jalisco, Mexico $45.99-$56.99
Single Estate Tequila, made the old fashion way, designates year and location of harvest. Old school farmers bringing you real tequila. Enjoy! 

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