Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sam Adams Double Agent IPL

INDIA PALE LAGER!?!? Ok, so we can't really talk about Sam Adams in a craft beer blog without dealing with the hot debate over whether or not Sam Adams is really a craft brewer. It is obvious that due to the large amount of beer pumping out of Sam Adams everyday that their semi-large size puts them in about the same category of brewers as Sierra Nevada and the likes. These are brewers who are massive in size compared to most of the micro breweries out there, but still dwarf in comparison to brewers like Bud, Miller and Coors. However you feel about Sam Adams as a craft brewer, it is hard to argue with the fact that they consistently come out with new, often very creative beers. Here is a new very creative beer that splits the IPA and Lager style of beers.

As most of you know by know, we here at White Horse Wine & Spirits are solid Hop Heads. As such, I had to try this interesting Double Agent IPL experiment that is as Sam Adams puts it "What if we gave an IPA a second identity and used some of our favorite West Coast hops, with their grapefruit, piney, and tropical fruit character, in a lager?". 

I have to say that I did not go into this tasting with much hope for a hoppy beer. Most of the new "IPAs" coming out of the larger breweries just don't pack the necessary hop punch to satisfy. I was pleasantly surprised when the aromas of fresh West Coast style hops hit my nose. It is filled fresh grapefruit, citrus and pine notes that do an IPA proud. The taste is actually pretty hoppy and bitter when you take a sip which is really enjoyable. The finish is really the difference in this beer, because the hops fade away and it ends with a smooth lager like silkiness. Overall, I would definitely say I was impressed by this beer especially at under $10 a six pack. At 5% ABV, it is a nice session beer that is good for the new style Sam has created.

Personal Rating: 8.5/10
Style Rating: 10/10

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