Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boulder Honey of a Saison

A really interesting brew from Boulder Brewing. When I think of Saison style beer, I usually think of a light, crisp (sometimes low in alcohol) citrus driven beer that is perfect for a hot summer day. This is one that clocks in at 11.5% and is brewed with honey (a nice compliment to citrus). According to the brewery, it is fermented to full dryness. I had to pick this one up just for the shear juxtaposition of a light, crisp style with a heavy, sweet twist to it. 

When first poured into a pint glass, it foams up nicely (which is not common for such high alcohol beers). Its is light amber in color with a nice citrus, honey nose. It drinks surprisingly well for such a big beer. The Saison style defiantly works well with the honey! Think of this as a big brother to a Belgian Tripple style beer. It has a lot of citrus and spice complexity to the nose with a silky smooth finish without the expected burn of alcohol. Overall, I'm very impressed with this beer. It certainly doesn't fit into the typical Saison style but it is a really great, unique brew. Definately well worth the 7 bucks for a big 22oz bomber!
Personal Rating: 9/10
Style Rating: 5/10

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