Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maine Beer Company | Zoe

Maine Beer Company's Zoe, an American Amber Ale, made by a very small brewery in Portland, Maine.

Zoe has a nice deep dark amber - almost chestnut color with about an inch of fluffy off-white head. Lots of sticky lacing coats the glass. The aroma is loaded with piney, fruity, and floral hops with a nice strong amount of sweet caramel malt. The taste is intensely bitter at first with lots of pine hop flavor. Fruitier hop flavors mix with copious amount of sweet malt to really deliver a… dare I say, perfect beer.

Zoe is honestly like drinking the freshest and best tasting Stone Arrogant Bastard I've ever had; big malt, big hop. What makes it even better is that it's made by a super small brewery in the northeast that places more value on quality, freshness, and environmental stewardship, rather than money.

Personal: 10/10
Style: 10/10

Get this beer while you can, absolutely worth it!


  1. Glad to see Maine beer Co. in NJ. From there but live in MA now. All their beers are excellent. My favorite is Peeper.

  2. Zoe, Peeper, Mean Old Tom, Lunch - you can NOT go wrong with MBC brews. One excellent beer after another.

  3. Thanks for the comments! Just went up for a visit to the brewery. Mean Old Tom was one of the beers on for the tasting; a very delicious beer!