Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harpoon Rich & Dan Rye IPA

Harpoons RIPA (Rye IPA) is a home run for price and quality! It is filled with the aromas of classic west coast hops with a hint of spiciness from the rye grain addition. A great IPA that delivers on the three best things we love in this style: aroma, taste and price ($8.99 per 6 pack). The ABV is 6.9 but still drinks like a session beer.
It definitely reminds me of Stone or Lagunitas breweries out of California but it comes from Harpoon Brewery out of Massachusetts. In fact, after 25 years of running a brewery together, this is the first beer that Rich and Dan (founders of Harpoon Brewery) have brewed together. The joke at the brewery was whether it would be Dan and Rich's or Rich and Dan's RIPA.
Overall, definitely a great pick up when you are in the mood for a good IPA but feeling like trying something different. Rye is the new hot adjunct grain for brewers to use so you will definitely see more of these style beers!

Personal Rating: 9/10
Style Rating: 8/10

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