Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th

As the Thanksgiving holiday gets closer, we have another hidden gem that is perfect for pairing up with your Thanksgiving dinner. With the myriad of different flavors on the table this season from cranberry sauce and green bean casserole to gravy laden turkey it is often difficult to pick one wine that will seamlessly go with everything. This is that perfect wine from start to finish (yes, even with dessert).

This is a DRY Gewurztraminer from New York States famed Finger Lakes Region. Usually done in a sweet style, this wine is elegant and very aromatic. Flavor of peach, apricot, rose petal and lychee (a japanese fruit) burst forth with a clean, mineral driven finish that refreshes your palate for the next sip. This misunderstood grape is often overlooked by average consumers, but the adventurous wine drinker will be greatly rewarded for picking up a bottle of this wine for the holidays. Cheers! 

Chad the Tie Guy's Review: This is one of the most complex and aromatic white wines. This proves just how amazing the Finger Lakes wine growing region of New York state is. If you steer away from Rieslings and Gewurztraminers because you think they have to be sweet, then try this wine and enjoy this delicious exception to the rule.

Grape Varietals: Gewurztraminer (100%)

Wine Region: Finger Lakes, New York

Alcohol Content: 13.3%

Food Pairings: This wine pairs really well with poultry which makes it a great wine for Thanksgiving dinner. The complex floral flavors of this wine also make it perfect for hard to pair global cuisines such as Thai, Mexican, Japanese and Indian foods.

Cheese Pairings: 
Delice de Bourgogne- A super soft, triple cream with a rich flavor
France $9.99 (8oz)
Bucheron- A mild, soft goat cheese with an edible rind
Frace $6.99 (8oz)
Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog- A soft rind cheese with a tangy edible ash layer
USA $12.99 (8oz) 

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