Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yards Brewing Company, Saison

A farmhouse inspired beer with an interesting history behind it results in Yard’s Saison summer beer. A culmination of fruits and spices combined with an harmonious balance of hops and malts results in a crisp, refreshing ale ready to enjoy on a sunny day fishing, barbequing, or relaxing poolside.

Origins are tied to a French-speaking section of Belgium where farm workers would brew their recipe in Autumn or winter (the cooler months) to be ready for consumption out in the fields during the summer. The saison beer was used as hydration for the farm hands ("les saisonniers") as there was often a lack of potable water in the fields. It served its purpose and as a result forged a new style of beer often referred to as the farmhouse ale.

It belongs to no specific category other than being a Belgian style ale as there are no defining characteristics that pigeonhole it into one genre’. The saison was a dying breed but has most recently made a strong comeback in the craft beer community. Thanks to Yard’s brewing company out of Philadelphia, they have resurrected a delicious ale that was close to the brink of extinction.

I gave this beer a generously high rating, but overall, a great session beer and certainly a pleasant change-up just in time for summer! Yard’s Saison has a citrusy carbonated bite on the front end leading to a crisp, refreshing, mildly-hopped finish. Yard’s Saison appeals to a vast audience, from your IPA lovers on down to your Belgian-style ale enthusiasts, and has much to offer in the ways of diversity regarding the elements used to create this seasonal. An easy drinking, light-bodied, golden pale ale lends itself to a vast array of audiences that can enjoy and appreciate this farmhouse seasonal beer. Cheers!

ABV 6.5%
PAIRINGS Break out the grill because Saison is the perfect compliment to anything you throw on the fire. We like pairing it with various types of sausages, a pot of mussels or Southeastern Asian cuisine.
Personal Rating: 8.1/10
Style Rating: 9.3/10

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