Sunday, February 16, 2014

DuClaw, Naked Fish Raspberry Chocolate Porter

Here is one of the newest brews to grace our line up at White Horse Wine and Spirits. This brewery just started to come in to our fine state of New Jersey. Unlike other breweries who trickle in with a few beers to start with, DuClaw has been hot and heavy with new beers almost every few weeks. They quickly hit a home run with our customers with their outrageous Sweet Baby Jesus, a chocolate peanut butter stout, that everybody seems to love! Given the popularity (and the fact that my wife goes nuts for chocolate and raspberries) I decided to try this latest brew.

The interesting facts about this beer are (if you look at the fine print on the six pack) that it is also brewed with coffee (which adds extra points in my book). It is also a session beer clocking in at only 4.6% alcohol, which is odd considering most brewers making a coffee stout or a chocolate stout would opt for a heavy ABV (perhaps 7 to 9 percent).

When I first opened this beer, I was hit by a nice sweet raspberry aromas followed by just a hint of dark chocolate. The opening blast gave me a good opinion of this beer from the start. I then poured it into a pint glass to see how the aromas developed. It lost a little bit of the intensity in the glass. The mouthfeel of this beer is very light (almost Guiness like). A very easy drinking beer that was quickly finished and replaced by another throughout the night.

Overall, this is a really easy drinking beer that has the aromas to satisfy and the body to go down very smooth. A very good combo of raspberry and chocolate. If your looking for a rich, full stout with a nice bitter finish, look somewhere else. However, if your looking for a great kickback beer that pairs well with chocolates for lets Valentines Day, then this is your beer! Cheers!

Personal Rating: 6/10
Style Rating: 8/10
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