Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Olympic Passion

"If you are a brave explorer who enjoys tasting  the fabulous flavors of the global culture,  then
join us on this exploration of awesome new cocktails from around the world." -Chad “The Tie Guy”

Olympic Passion Cocktail
The Olympic Games are coming up in August and to honor the host country Brazil, we have come up with our latest cocktail “Olympic Passion”. This cocktail is made with Brazilian spirits such as the Organic Cuca Cachaca (A Brazilian White Rum) and Passoa, Passion Fruit Liqueur. This easy drinking cocktail is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy the games. If you are having friends and family over to watch the game, just increase the amounts and make a pitcher sized serving fit for a crowd.

1 Bottle of Passoa, Passion Fruit Liqueur
1 Bottle of Cuca, Organic Cachaca (Brazilian Rum)
4 Cans of San Pellegrino, Aranciata (Orange Soda)
1 Bottle of Lemon Juice

Cocktail Recipe:
3 oz. Passoa, Passion Fruit Liqueur
2 oz Cuca, Organic Cachaca
5 oz San Pellegrino, Aranciata
3 drops of Lemon Juice

Combine Passion Fruit Liqueur and Cachaca in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until well combined. Pour into a tall glass filled with ice and top with Aranciata and Lemon Juice. Enjoy while watching the 2016 Summer Olympics!


  1. Cool. Brazilian Rum mix with passion Fruit Liqueur could be the perfect match, i'll try :), thanks for sharing.