Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ciders for Wine Lovers

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Ciders for Wine Lovers

Now that Spring is here and the weather is beautiful, it is time to spend more time outside. One of the most refreshing but little understood categories of beverages is ciders. Much like the Rieslings of the wine world, most people assume that all ciders are sweet. In fact, most ciders are made in a dry style with a super complex flavor that will amaze white wine lovers of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. 

One of our favorite producers is Farnum Hill out of Vermont. These guys are not just cider makers who buy apple juice (like most of the big cider makers). These are apple farmers who use their ancient apple groves to produce ciders of exceptional quality that are well balanced and dry. If your in the mood to enjoy a Spring evening with a good drink, then pick up a bottle of Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider.

Chad the Tie Guy's Drink of the Week: I love farmhouse ciders because this is the original style of cider simply made from fresh pressed apples and natural wild yeast (used to ferment the sweet apple juice). These ciders are not overly syrupy and sweet like the newer ciders can be but are very easy drinking with a hint of sweetness. This makes the cider taste, well like fresh apples that are juicy but not overly sweet. Think of this as a liquid apple with a little bit of a buzz as a bonus. Enjoy with the gorgeous Spring weather!

Food Pairings: This pairs well with soft cheeses (such as goat cheese) drizzles with fresh honey and topped with toasted salty almond. Try this with a slow cooker pork and sauerkraut topped with crisp apple slices for a real sweet and sour treat!

Cocktail Ideas:
Basic Recipe (aka Kick it Up a Notch): Combine 6oz of Cider with 1oz other flavor
Some Classic Examples:
     Apple Blossom= 6oz Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider + 1oz Elderflower Liqueur
     Irish Apple= 6oz Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider + 1 oz Irish Whiskey 
     Apple Pie= 6oz Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider + 1oz Fireball
     Carmel Apple= 6oz Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider + 1oz Caramel Vodka

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