Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cameron Hughes Wines

California's Wine Negociant
(& Our Latest Tasting Table)

Our Tasting Table is open for sampling everyday now (not just on the weekends). We run a set of wines for two weeks and then switch them up. To "kick it up a notch" we offer 20% off these wines if you buy any three bottles (you can also purchase them here). For the next two weeks we will be looking at one of California's premier wine negociants. A negociant purchases grapes and makes wine but does not own any of the grapes or vines. Cameron Hughes travels all over the world looking for delicious juice that he can blend and sell under his own wine label. In rare cases he is also able to buy already made wines from other wineries (such as high end wineries) that need fast cash. The deal is that he does not disclose where he got the wine from (Opus One does not want it known that they are selling their $200 a bottle juice for $50 a bottle to Cameron Hughes).

Overall, Cameron Hughes is able to secure good wines at a good price. This allows everybody to enjoy wine that is not ridiculously inflated in price due to wineries trying to create luxury brands.

Here are the wines we are featuring for this set (05/07/15 to 05/21/15):

Cameron Hughes, Lot 465 Chardonnay  ($10.99)
Monterey County, California 
This is our best-selling white wine every year. Barrel fermented in new American oak with full malolactic fermentation, this style of Chardonnay suits the Arroyo Seco sub-appellation of Monterey County to a T. While 2012 was a fantastic comeback for this wine (since frost decimated our chances in 2011), 2013 is even better than 2012, and as good as the vintage that put us on the map with Arroyo Seco: 2009. -CH

Cameron Hughes, Lot 384 Meritage  ($18.99)
Dry Creek Valley, California 
Lot 384 is composed primarily of Dry Creek Merlot, with a bit of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa to finish the blend. The wine, purchased from a high-end Sonoma producer, was barreled down for 14 months. In a tough vintage, this wine passed with flying colors. -CH

Cameron Hughes, Lot 436 Cabernet Sauvignon  ($16.99)
North Coast, California 
Lot 436 is a delicious Cab sourced from high-end producers in Dry Creek, Napa Valley, and Lake County. This exact same wine originally retailed for $32, and represents an exceptional value here. Same wine, same bottle, new label. If you’re looking for a Cabernet that offers tremendous bang for your buck and is already showing well, this is your winner. -CH

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