Thursday, January 22, 2015

Craft Beer Happenings

     Some exciting news for craft beer drinkers in New Jersey:  Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City is now available in our state!  Our first shipment included Single Wide IPA, which is aggressively hopped using six varieties, but is easy drinking enough as to not overwhelm; and 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat; which is a hybrid of two popular styles: a refreshing wheat beer with a definite IPA- like hop presence! Both the Single Wide IPA and the 80 Acre are in 6 pack bottles and priced at $9.99.We also have the 12 pack sampler which includes their Unfiltered Wheat beer, 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat as well as two different "tasting room" bottlings which are only available in the variety pack or at the brewery itself.  These beers are on a rotating basis.  The 12 pack sampler is $18.99 and the case goes for $34.99.
     We also got in two 750 ml cork and cage bottlings from their Smokestack series, which is considered their line of specialty/full-bodied offerings.  These include Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale which has a world-class rating on Beer Advocate.  With intense fruit notes, a good hop presence, and a spicy finish, any fan of Belgian Style ales will love this one. Speaking of Belgian Style ales, the other must-try is the Sixth Glass Belgian Style Quad.  This is a 100 point beer on the Beer Advocate!  Intense raisin and spice flavors, high in alcohol and good carbonation make this ale an almost perfect representation, as the score represents.  Both Tank 7 and the Sixth Glass are $8.99.

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