Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Ten Beers

Here's our Top 10 Beers That We Are Loving Right Now!

10. Dogfish Head, Aprihop (Delaware) 7.0% ABV                                                 4 Pack       $9.99
A seasonal favorite around here that combines the best of an IPA (bitterness and high abv) with a nice light sweetness from the Apricots. This is a great porch pounder for grilling!

9. Yards, Brawler (Pennsylvania) 4.2% ABV                                                         6 Pack       $9.99
A local brewery out of Philadelphia that produces this english session ale that is super easy drinking. This one is nice because it allows you to drink great craft beer without getting knocked out too early!

8. Brewers Art, Ozzy Pale Ale (Maryland) 7.3% ABV                                          6 Pack       $9.99
A fairly recent brewery to hit New Jersey but one that has a huge cult following. This is a pale ale that packs a punch in flavor and abv. A nice nod to Ozzy Osbourne!

7. Left Hand, Nitro Milk Stout (Colorado) 6.0% ABV                                           6 Pack     $10.99
Wow! This is the best version of Adult Chocolate milk that I've ever had. Rich chocolate, dark coffee and creamy milk notes are enhanced by the nitrogen finish that pours like a Guinness.

6. Southern Tier, 2x One (New York) 8.1% ABV                                                  6 Pack     $10.99
The latest and greatest in the Southern Tier 2X Series. This IPA uses only One Hop (Mosaic) and One Malt (Special Pale). This highlights the best traits of the Mosaic hop which are tropical fruit and light herbal bitterness. A killer beer for any IPA lovers!

5. DuClaw, Sweet Baby Jesus (Maryland) 6.5% ABV                                           6 Pack       $9.99
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...... Need I say more? This is a chocolate peanut butter porter that will take the place of dessert. Don't share this with friends or they might drink it all!

4. Victory, Hop Ranch (Pennsylvania) 9.0% ABV                                                 4 Pack       $8.99
A seasonal treat from Victory Brewing that uses the two newest hops: Mosaic and Azacca! A killer hopped up double IPA that is made with Pilsner malt to make it smooth as silk. This is one that we are hoping will soon become a regular in Victory's year round line up.

3. Uinta, Cockeyed Cooper (Utah) 11.1% ABV                                                       750ml     $12.99
If you are a Bourbon fan then this is the beer for you! A rich caramel, vanilla and spice filled Barleywine that is aged in Bourbon barrels for an extended period to give it a boozy punch. This one definitely has to be served in a cognac glass due to its kicked up ABV.

2. Sauconey Creek, Hop Suplex (Pennsylvania) 10.0% ABV                               4 Pack       $9.99
This brewery was rated as the best new brewery in Pennsylvannia and I would strongly agree with that assessment. This is the BEST Double IPA I have ever had, sticky, resiny and intensely bitter. A true roller coaster for your taste buds. ONLY for true Hop Heads!

1. Cape May Brewing, Devil's Reach (New Jersey) 8.4% ABV                             6 Pack      $9.99
This is a Special Honor for our newest favorite that is also very local. Brewed in Cape May, this brewery is kicking out some AMAZING beers! This belgian golden ale is incredibly complex and delicious with a light malt base that makes it super easy drinking!

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