Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale

A Black IPA that actually delivers on its promise to be the best of both an IPA and a Stout! I was very skeptical before first trying this beer as every single Black IPA I have had was a complete disappointment (and I have had 12 beers of this style)

Stone is known for their focus on Hops and extreme beers. This was originally brewed as their 11th anniversary ale, but was so popular that they brought it back as a year round bomber.

When you first crack the cap a rush of hops hits your nose. It reminds me of Port Brewings Wipeout or Lagunitas Maximus IPA. It pours a nice two finger head with a black as night body. The taste is a perfect mix of hoppy IPA bitter citrus flavors and dark cocoa flavors that meld like a dissonant chord in a bittersweet symphony. A perfect beer for any season, it is light and refreshing enough for the hot summer weather but rich enough for the cold winter weather. Perfect for us hop heads looking for something slight different but still hoppy and delicious. Definitely the beat of both worlds! A must try!!

9/10 Personal Score
9/10 Style Score (Black IPA)

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